Many Feathers, Many Hats…

It’s not just standup. I am a director, actor, musican, voice artist and here are a bunch of my credits.

Comedian’s Theatre Company

Theatre director Maggie Inchley and I formed the Comedians Theatre Company in 2006 after working together on an award winning production of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story the previous year.
The remit of the company is to put stand-up comics, improvisers and character comedians into works of theatre and to give the performers a chance to expand their base skills in acting, writing and directing for theatre.

Stewart Lee kindly helped launch the company at Edinburgh Fringe 2006 directing a critically acclaimed production of Eric Bogosian’s Talk Radio (left).
At the same time Maggie directed Sam Sheppard’s True West at the Assembly Rooms.
Since then, The Comedians Theatre Company has worked with all the major Edinburgh venues to produce high quality fringe theatre. Productions include remounts of Killer Joe, Breaker Morant, School for Scandal, Gagarin Way as well as original productions Cul-De-Sac and Somewhere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still  (which won the Fringe First Award, 2011).
The company also began the Itch: A Scratch Event new writing platform in 2009 (See below).
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Itch: A Scratch Event

This semi-regular show happens every six weeks and showcases new writing with a rotating cast of well-established actor/performers in a mixed bag of new short works of theatre.
Past performers include Jack Whitehall, Ed Byrne, Hattie Hayridge, Jenny Eclair, Steve Frost, Fred Mac Auley, Russell Kane, Rich Fulcher and Lionel Blair and many many more.
The show was presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival everyday in 2010.
The platform has produced two original full length works by comedians Matthew Osbourne and Dave Florez. Matthew’s play Cul-De-Sac was a complete sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 and transferred to the New Wimbledon Theatre.
Dave Florez’s monologue Somehwere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still was awarded a prestigious Fringe First from the theatre critics of the Edinburgh Fringe. Curated by Maggie Inchley.
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Screen Writing

2007 Say You Love Satan
2008 Bardo
2010 House of Hoax
(more info to follow)


2007 Breaker Morant
2008 Comedy Cuts
2010 House of Hoax
(for more, check out the Comedian’s Theatre Company)

Old Rope

This is a new material night that I started with my dear friend and writing partner, Carey Marx in 2005.

We called the night Old Rope and hung a noose on stage that the comedians had to touch if they were doing any old material in an attempt to keep them honest in presenting new stuff.

The format was successful with comedians and Old Rope still runs today.

It is now co-hosted and co-produced by the superb Tiffany Stevenson every Monday and has had hundreds of great comics drop by the Rope to try new gags.

Regulars have included Steve Merchant, Rich Hall, Milton Jones and Lee Mack but to name a few.
Come down some Monday. It’s a great night!


2001 NXNE Toronto Kevin Hearn of the Barenaked Ladies Cameron House sold out (more
info to follow


I have always written bad serious poetry.
In 2000/2001, I wrote 13 Suicide Stream. These poems were written in a stream of consciousness and made only minor alterations for spelling or tense. Otherwise, this is how they came to me and came to be.
I kept them exactly as they were written as that was the focus of the exercise, to empty my head on to paper.

I put them all together in one volume. Two years later, I finished Poems for Anaesthesiacs which was a more concerted effort still using the stream technique with little or no editing.

Endurance Races

2006 London Marathon with Diane Main and Barry Castagnola for Whizz Kids
2007 Reggae Marathon Craig Campbell for Whizz Kids
2008 Three Peaks Challenge Martin Mor, Craig Campbell, Dave Fulton and thirty comedians for Act4Africa
2009 Oxfam Trailtrekker with Rob Rouse, Craig Campbell and Stephen Carlin
2010 Year off,

2011 London Marathon/Trailtrekker/Reggae Marathon