A brief run-down of theatrical things I’ve done on stage, often in collaboration with The Comedian’s Theatre Company…

Angel In The Abattoir by Dave Florez

Lost love, betrayal and wanting to be a hero. Angel teeters on the edge of sanity – will he fly or fall? Humourous and dark, the story tackles themes of corruption and abuse, with an explosive climax.

The final instalment in a triptych of award-winning monologues. Phil Nichol performs a gripping drama about a Spaniard in Edinburgh. Bringing together the Fringe First-winning team from 2011, playwright Dave Florez, and director Hannah Eidinow.

‘Hard hitting drama that burns bright’ ★★★★ (Metro Somewhere Beneath).
‘Fresh, funny and achingly beautiful’ ★★★★ (Scotsman Hand Over Fist).

Giant Leap by Mickey Down & Konrad Kay

1969. The moon. A challenge to American ideas of exceptionalism, industry, ambition and the power of dreams.

Soon there will be an American flag on her surface. Not 240,000 miles away, but on a secret sound stage on the west coast of the United States. Giant Leap is a fast talking, foul-mouthed comedy-drama in which a group of writers are tasked with creating the crowning line of their careers: Neil Armstrong’s words as America fakes the 1969 moon landing.

Writers: Mickey Down and Konrad Kay.
Director: Alexander Lass.

Somewhere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still by Dave Florez

A monologue. Kevin loves Daina. Phil loves Daina. Phil never said goodbye to either of them.
Phil Nichol performs the worlds premiere of Dave Florez’s darkly comic, twisted monologue about seeking forgiveness in an unrelenting world.
Join Kevin at his local cafe and take a surreal journey into his inner world from childhood trauma to his obsession with beautiful waitress, Daina.
Kevin’s worldview collides with reality as he tries to explain sex, love and longing but gets lost along the way.
Directed by Hannah Eidenow.
Buy a copy of the script, here.

The Intervention

Chicago, 2012. Zac is confronted by friends and family, trying to redeem him before it’s too late. As we delve deeper into his alcoholism, the more skeletons appear from the family cupboard’s dusty depths.

A series of explosive revelations unravel the brutal truth behind the cycle of abuse. A father and son tale for the 21st century.

Jan Ravens, Aisling Bea, Waen Shepherd and Phil Nichol in the Comedians’ Theatre Company premiere of Dave Florez‘s (Fringe First Award 2011) darkly humorous new play. ‘Dizzyingly brilliant stuff’ (Scotsman). ***** ( ‘A golden nugget’ (Guardian).

School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

with Stephen K Amos, Marcus Brigstocke, Paul Foot, Clare Thompson, Lionel Blair, Steve Jameson, Huw Thomas, Amy Saunders, Ella Kenion, Bridget Christie, Richard Thomson.
Directed by Cal MacCrystal

Gagarin Way by Gregory Burke

with Jim Muir, Will Andrews and Bruce Morton.

Directed by Maggie Inchleygagarin-way-cast

Simpatico by Sam Shepard

with Edward Clayton, Trudi Jackson, Gabriel Butler-Lewis, Danielle King.

Directed by Hannah Eidenow

Killer Joe by Tracey Letts

with Tony Law, Lizzie Roper, Ed Weeks, Charlotte Jo Hanbury.
Directed By Maggie Inchley

Breaker Morant by Kenneth Ross

with Adam Hills, Rhys Darby, Heath Franklin, Brendon Burns, Sammy J, Alan Francis, Mike Hayley, Alistair Barrie, Nick Wilty, James Wren, Giles March.
Directed by Tom Daley and Phil Nichol.

Talk Radio by Eric Bogosian

with Tony Law, Tara Flynn, Mike McShane, Stephen K Amos, Will Adamsdale, Tiffany Stevenson.
Directed by Stewart Lee.

True West by Sam Shepard

with Tom Stade, Dave Johns and Janice Connolly.

Directed by Maggie Inchley.

The Zoo Story by Edward Albee

with Graham Elwell.

“Sometimes you have to go a long way out of your way to come back a short distance correctly!” A sentiment similar to this is said several times by Jerry played by Phil Nichol. Peter (Graham Elwell) is sitting quietly reading on his usual bench in Central Park, it is a quiet Sunday afternoon and he is enjoying the peace and quiet. Suddenly he is bothered by a wasp, after Peter has chased it off, Jerry appears and walks past, the wasp returns and Jerry watches fascinated until Peter is pushed too far and kills the wasp. It is in that moment fate is set and the battle for the bench if not life itself began/begins.

Directed by Maggie Inchley.

The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

with Bill Bailey, Alan Davies, Owen O’Neill, Ian Coppinger, Lizzie Roper, Katherine Jakeways, and Dave Calvitto.
Directed by Guy Masterson.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman

with Christian Slater, Frances Barber, Mackenzie Crook, Ian Coppinger, Gavin Robertson, Owen O’Neill, Brendan Dempsey, Dave Johns, Lizzie Roper, Katherine Jakeways, Lucy Porter, Felix Dexter, Stephen K. Amos and Dave Calvitto.

Directed by Terry Johnson and Tamara Harvey.

Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

with Bill Bailey, Steve Furst, Ian Coppinger, Jeff Green, Dave Johns, Russell Hunter, Andy Smart, Gavin Robertson, Owen O’Neill, Steve Frost and Dave Calvitto.
Directed by Guy Masterson.

Taboo by Boy George

with Boy George, Euan Morton, Mairi Wilson, Declan Bennett and many more.
Directed by Christopher Renshaw.

What You Really Want by Trevor Lock

with Wendy Wason, Trevor Lock, Ella Kenion.
Directed by Sem Devillart.